Dressing for the Cold - Infographic. Adding layers will help keep you warm as the temperature drops. Chilly: 1-2 layers; outer layer to keep out wind, rain; long layer on legs; warm shoes (water proof). Cold: 2-3 layers; warm hat; gloves; outer layer to keep out wind, wet snow; 1-2 long layers on legs; boots (water-proof). Extreme cold: 3+ layers (1 insulating); warm hat; face mask; gloves; outer layer to keep out wind; 2+ long layers on legs; boots (water proof).

Dear Parents/Guardians of Ekalaka Public School District Students:

Now that winter weather is here to stay, we kindly ask that you remind your children to come to school prepared for the winter weather. Appropriate winter apparel includes a winter jacket, snow pants, gloves, and a hat.

Today I spoke with students who lacked appropriate cold weather gear and asked them to please bring those items from home so that they can go outside and play while minimizing their chance of getting sick.

I thank you for your support in ensuring that our students are prepared for the elements.


Mr. Schrock

Ekalaka Public School District