Students are expected to be in the gymnasium watching the games. They are not to be playing or running in the hallway, on the stage, or in the Tuggle Room unsupervised. Students who are not in the gym will be asked to return to their parents or whoever is supervising them.

Students were also reminded that they should not be under the bleachers or climbing on the lift stored in the northwest corner of the gymnasium. Additionally, they should throw away their trash when eating concessions, both in the Tuggle Room and the gymnasium.

In addition to attendance at ball games, students also reviewed concert etiquette. Students were reminded that audience members should remain seated and attentive during performances. If they need to go to the bathroom or get a drink, this should be done between performances so they don’t distract the performers or the audience.

Ekalaka Public Schools encourages student attendance at games and concerts. However, if they are not behaving appropriately, children may be asked to leave. We look forward to seeing our younger students in the stands, cheering for the Bulldogs.