Dear Parents,

We have some exciting news!! Who finds it hard to get away from work, the ranch, and everything in between to go to dental appointments once to twice a year? We do!

Carter County Public Health and Ekalaka Public Schools have teamed up with Smiles Across Montana to bring dental care to our area. Public Health staff with be the main point of contact working with Smiles Across Montana. We will be doing the scheduling and walking students to/from the appointment and class. Parents are always welcome to come with the students! Attached is a consent form to be filled out in full and returned to the school, where Public Health will then pick-up and start scheduling with Smiles Across Montana.

Please note this partnership with Smiles Across Montana is based on interest from parents. Interest is determined by completion of consent form and return to school. We are looking at the first week in February for Smiles Across Montana Team to come depending on interest!

Please make sure to read the forms attached with the consent form as there are several options for those with/without insurance. For more information you may also check out the website as well at Below are a few things they can do when come for each visit: they will also schedule every 6 months thereafter.

• Prophylaxis (cleanings): Removal of hard and soft materials that form on the teeth.
• Sealants: A thin plastic coating that fills in the deep grooves on the chewing part of the tooth. They are easy, painless and will help prevent decay as your child grows.
• Fluoride Varnish Treatments: A protective coating that is painted on the teeth to help strengthen tooth structure helping the teeth to be more resistant to decay.
• Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments: Aids in stopping decay as well as preventing future decay on the tooth.
• Oral Health Instructions (including tooth brushing demonstration) and Nutritional Guidance
• Referral to a Dental Home or Dentist of Record
• Exam, by a dentist, and x-rays deemed necessary and prescribed by the dentist

If you have any questions, or wish to know the next visit dates, please feel free to call us at Carter County Public Health 406.775.6332.

Thank you,
Carter County Public Health and Ekalaka Public Schools

Click here for the 21-22 Consent form for Smiles Across Montana.